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How Networking Helped Me Achieve My Health Goals

How can networking help us achieve our health goals? How does networking contribute to health and well-being? I’ve never really a been a yo-yo dieter. I’d lose weight on one diet, then gain it all back (plus some) on the next. After several mindset shifts, I decided that I was done with all that. I […]

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Empowher Insights Blogs; Career Advice Empowering Black Women

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Anxiety Management

Case Study: A Doctor’s Journey to Overcome Anxiety

Dr. E Overcomes Crippling Anxiety to Take Medical Boards Dr. E had achieved her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor. She had worked tirelessly to get accepted into medical school, excel in her studies, and complete her residency. But there was one final obstacle in her way: overcoming anxiety so she could sit for her […]

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Beautiful Black woman with natural hair, reflecting; Mastering Your Career Destiny A Guide to Strategic Career Planning_Twanna Carter strategic career planning for black women in leadership strategic career planning for women over 40 strategic career planning for mid-career professionals strategic career planning for executives strategic career planning for entrepreneurs strategic career planning for remote workers strategic career planning for freelancers strategic career planning for Millennials strategic career planning for Gen X strategic career planning for Boomers strategic career planning for career changers strategic career planning for veterans strategic career planning for single parents strategic career planning for working parents strategic career planning for neurodiverse people strategic career planning for people from underrepresented groups strategic career planning for people reentering the workforce after a layoff strategic career planning for people looking to balance their career and personal life strategic career planning for people looking to achieve their professional goals

Career Guidance

A Guide to Strategic Career Planning: Master Your Career Destiny

The importance of strategic career planning Assessing your skills and interests Identifying your long-term career goals Researching the Job Market and Industry Trends Developing a strategic career action plan Building Your Professional Network Enhancing Your Skills Through Continuous Learning Leveraging Social Media for Career Growth Seeking Mentorship and Guidance Conclusion: Taking control of your strategic […]

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Empowher Insights Blogs; Career Advice Empowering Black Women

Impostor Syndrome

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome in Tech Industry: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you a woman who works in the tech industry struggling with how to overcome imposter syndrome? Constantly feeling like a fraud? Does the fear of being exposed as an imposter hold you back from reaching your full potential? If so, you’re likely experiencing imposter syndrome – a psychological pattern that affects many professionals, especially […]

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Beautiful Black woman wearing beige blouse;how to build a resilient career mindset, tips for building a resilient career mindset, strategies for building a resilient career mindset, exercises for building a resilient career mindset, books on building a resilient career mindset, Twanna Carter, Black career coach, build your confidence, workplace hazing, catastrophic thinking, resilient

Career Tips

Building a Resilient Career Mindset – Techniques and Mindsets for Black Women

In today’s rapidly changing professional landscape, building a resilient career mindset is a pursuit shared by many. However, for Black women, this journey often comes with a unique set of challenges that require not only determination and skill but also resilience in the face of adversity. In this blog, we will delve into the techniques […]

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Empowher Insights Blogs; Career Advice Empowering Black Women

Career Tips

10 Tips for Handling a Sabotaging Boss

Recognizing Subtle Sabotage Have you ever felt like someone at work was quietly working against you, but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it? Does you feel like you may be working for a sabotaging boss? That sneaky feeling might be due to something called workplace sabotage. It’s not always about big, dramatic actions. And […]

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A poster with Career in the middle; network, career guide, career guidance, career transition, Black woman, Black women, build confidence,

Career Tips

The Ultimate Career Guide for Successful Black Women

Ultimate Career Guide Take Your Career to the Next Level with this Career Guide Chapter 1: Embracing Your Identity 1.1 Celebrating Your Uniqueness 1.2 Understanding the Power of Representation 1.3 Turning Your Experiences into Strengths 1.4 Cultivating a Positive Self-Image 1.5 Establishing Your Personal Brand As a career coach, I’ve seen firsthand what happens when […]

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Empowher Insights Blogs; Career Advice Empowering Black Women

Power & Principles Confidently Commend Your Career coaching program flyer with 3 beautiful Black women. confidence be more confident change careers change jobs career change toxic work culture toxic workplace personal coaching

Career Tips

The Career Success Blueprint: Confidently Command Your Career

Confidently Command Your Career to Find Success What does it take to confidently find career success? We’ve answered that question. Above all, this coaching package is specifically designed to empower women executives and managers by providing personalized guidance and support as they navigate their career success. You are a woman executive or manager who is […]

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Confidently Take Charge of Your Career with Power & Principles

Empowering Black Female Executives to Achieve Work-Life Harmony and Unleash Their Full Potential Are you ready to confidently take charge of your career, without compromising your values or personal life? Look no further than our transformative coaching program, Power & Principles: Confidently Command Your Career (without compromising your values or personal life).  A coaching program […]

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Empowher Insights Blogs; Career Advice Empowering Black Women

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