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Leading while Black...

You've reached impressive heights in your career.  

Colleagues admire your drive and leadership...

...yet internally, it all feels like walking a constant tightrope. 

You project strength and capability, but secretly yearn for a safe space to voice doubts and vulnerabilities.

Self-doubt creeps in, fueled by the burden of stress and burnout.

Society whispers the myth of the invincible Black woman, alway strong and unwavering. 

The pressure is relentless!

Isolation at the top

Your path to the top has been anything but easy.

Your ideas routinely face undue scrutiny, and your direct approach gets misconstrued as aggressive.

In these sought after positions you’ve worked so hard to reach, isolation can be a constant, lonely companion. 

The weight of being a lone voice, or one of few, is a heavy one. The invisible burden!

You deserve someone who truly understands the complexities you navigate daily. 

Sis, I see you!

The relentless pursuit of perfection.

The microaggressions that chip away at your spirit, the judgment on your true self...

...it's just exhausting!
Climbing the ladder, in corporate or nonprofit, shouldn't be a nerve-wracking tightrope walk.

As a Black woman leader who has personally navigated that maze, I understand your struggles. 

Your directness is a power move, not a weakness. 

Your ideas are invaluable and deserve to be heard. 

But the constant self-doubt and isolation can silence even the strongest voice.

There's a powerful alternative

Step out of the shadows of doubt into your authentic power. 

Discover what it feels like to have your own personalized strategic support.

I'll be your corner office confidante, guiding you forward.

Powerful Coaching for Black Women Leaders!

And I do more than just recognize your strengths and challenges—I empower you to fully harness them.

Our carefully designed coaching programs are time-efficient and tailored to meet your specific needs.

Equipping you with the skills to negotiate effectively and earn the respect your ideas merit.

We understand the internal battles you face—feeling isolated, grappling with self-doubt, and enduring microaggressions.

Which is why we utilize a powerful combination of neuroscience-based strategies and mindfulness techniques.

To build your confidence, reduce feelings of isolation, and develop resilience.

This approach transforms stepping outside your comfort zone from a daunting challenge into an exhilarating opportunity.

With a supportive network to champion your journey to success.

If you are ready to transform your professional life, I'm ready to guide you.

Schedule your Career Solution consultation call now! 

I'm Dr. Twanna,

Hey there!

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Your Career

Discover the path to a thriving career as a busy woman executive, free from the constraints
of stress and worry.

Embrace your unique abilities and shed the impostor syndrome, unlocking the
confidence to achieve your full potential.
You are not alone on this journey.

Success Story!

Coach Twanna has been essential in helping me...

...develop processes to manage my anxiety which became much harder during the pandemic.

She also supported me in creating and executing a career pathway to move into an executive level position.

 Her continued coaching, as I move into my new position will help me continue to develop better boundaries and self-care techniques in my life.

Her coaching has been invaluable and life changing and
I am grateful.


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