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Career Tips

Building a Resilient Career Mindset – Techniques and Mindsets for Black Women

In today’s rapidly changing professional landscape, building a resilient career mindset is a pursuit shared by many. However, for Black women, this journey often comes with a unique set of challenges that require not only determination and skill but also resilience in the face of adversity. In this blog, we will delve into the techniques […]

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Stress & Burnout

4 Signs of Stress You Don’t Want to Ignore

Are you aware of how easily stress and life’s challenges can have a negative effect on your entire well-being? You’ve surely had an experience or two where rough times have come upon you, and at the end of the road you feel like you’ve conquered the situation. However, even though you were successful at handling […]

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Meet Dr. Twanna

Welcome to my blog! As a passionate reader and travel enthusiast, I've spent years soaking up stories from diverse cultures and landscapes. 
I am committed to creating an empowering space where Black women can celebrate their achievements, learn from their challenges, and find inspiration for their journey.
I hope you find value in these shared experiences and insights. Enjoy exploring!

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