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Anxiety Management

Powerful Tips to Manage Anxiety and Lead Confidently

Imagine walking into a room where every face is familiar but none like yours. For many Black women in mid to senior careers, this is not just an occasional occurrence but a daily reality. Making it difficult to manage anxiety. According to the TIAA Institute,  Black women are significantly underrepresented in corporate leadership roles, making […]

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Empowher Insights Blogs; Career Advice Empowering Black Women

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Career Tips

Case Study: A Doctor’s Journey to Overcome Anxiety

Dr. E Overcomes Crippling Anxiety to Take Medical Boards Dr. E had achieved her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor. She had worked tirelessly to get accepted into medical school, excel in her studies, and complete her residency. But there was one final obstacle in her way: overcoming anxiety so she could sit for her […]

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Anxiety Management

5 Steps I Used to Break through Social Anxiety

I used to have severe social anxiety. I know, I know it’s hard to believe. But it’s true! I  was also an extremely shy, introverted person with a fear of public speaking and a crippling fear of rejection. But then something happened that changed everything: I realized that life was too short for me not […]

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Empowher Insights Blogs; Career Advice Empowering Black Women

Stress & Burnout

4 Signs of Stress You Don’t Want to Ignore

Are you aware of how easily stress and life’s challenges can have a negative effect on your entire well-being? You’ve surely had an experience or two where rough times have come upon you, and at the end of the road you feel like you’ve conquered the situation. However, even though you were successful at handling […]

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